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October 2016 : SIZE IS EVERYTHING...

Heco's new Direkt Dreiklang high-sensitivity floorstanding super monitor has to be one of the bravest new products in the speaker world.   In a market infatuated with identikit, needle-thin, multi-driver monoliths with drivers rarerly more than 6 inches in diameter, amplifier-crippling low sensitivities, brutal impedences and ultra-fussy room integration, the mighty Direkt Dreiklang isn't just a breath of fresh-air: it's a gale...

"Dreiklang" is German for "three driver" or "three way" - not difficult to see where that came from.   The treble unit is the same 30mm unit used in the original Direkt, joining it are a new 215mm (8-inch) mid-range driver, and an equally new 380mm (15 inch) bass driver.   This auspicious line-up breathes through 3 mighty alloy ports in the base of the cabinet.

This arrangement yields great room integration and incredible sensitivty of 98dB/W/M - meaning that even flea-powerd amps can blow the proverbial doors off!

This is in all ways a Mighty loudspeaker - standing at 700 x 1235 x 515 mm in its spikey alloy stilletos - it will drive large rooms (or more modest ones), and render even the grandest symphonic event or savage rock firestorm at a lifelike scale.   It will do so with ease no matter what is driving it, and it will give forth of superb detail, finesse, articulation and subtlety.

This magnificent masterpiece of sonic engineering is yours in black or white for £8995.   Not an insubstantial sum, but compared with the smaller and substantially less sensitive Harbeth 40.2 at £10,500 or Tannoy's 2-way Prestige Canterbury GR at £17,950 it is something of a bargain!

We are currently excitedly awaiting our demonstrators - but I'd recommend ordering now if you know your way around loudspeakers: you will NOT be disappointed!

The price includes free delivery and (if wanted) installation and setup anywhere in the mainland UK.

April 2016 : HECO DIREKT

We now have Heco's amazing new "Direkt" high-sensitivity floorstanding monitor loudspeaker on permanent demonstration.

Heco are amongst Germany's longest established and biggest loudspeaker brands, and their experience and quality shines-through in the Direkts.

These substantial (1m tall) floorstanders pair a fast, lightweight 11" Kraft-paper mid-bass unit with a larger-than-usual wave-guide equipped 28mm woven tweeter in a superficially "old-school" wide-baffle layout - to quite extraordinarily good effect.

They work well with amps between 10 Watts and 300 Watts. At 95dB efficiency and 6 Ohms average load, the lower end of that power range embraces some truly superb SET valve amps.

Porting is to the base of the speaker, a siting which makes room integration more versatile than most. This means you can have deep, controlled bass even in comparatively small rooms.

Their sound is fast, lifelike, and tonally rich, with deep, impactful bass. Treble is smooth and extended - integrating brilliantly with the midrange to yield the sort of imaging widely believed to be the sole preserve of narrow-baffle stand-mounts!

Available in satin black or white, each has a subtly contrasting stripe which adds visual interest, and gives the impression of reducing the width of the loudspeaker.   They need to be seen in the flesh because the effect is more subtle than it may appear in pictures.

Sound quality and material value for money are genuinely superb - £2650 is not an insubstantial amount of money, but they ARE the best £5000 loudspeakers you can buy - they just happen to be slightly more than half the price!

Please drop us a line by email or call us on  01 775 710 325  to book a demo or find out more.   NB: We're just 50 minutes from London by train (I'll meet you at the station); or about an hour-and-a-half by car

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We're very pleased and excited to have the only mark 6 version of Lehmann Audio's state-of-the-art Silver Cube phono stage on demo in the UK.
Lehmann Audio Silver Cube Phono Stage The Silver Cube is Lehmann's statment product - an immensely capable two-box moving magnet and moving coil phono stage which is a triumph of minimalism in appearance with its solid one-piece cast-alloy chassis stunningly finished in satin silver.

Internally, resides one of the most painstakingly-constructed and high quality circuits I've seen, full stop. Component quality is top notch - Mundorf capacitors proliferate, WBT Nextgen RCA phono sockets abound, and both amplifier and PSU are supported by SSC Absorption Feet making it agreeably overspecified, but not full of pointless audiophile jewellery!

This is a truly phenomenal phono stage: utterly silent and with ample gain for even the lowest-output Moving Coil cartridges.

We had the chance to compare this latest version with a Mark 2 version from a few years ago - both great sounding 'stages, but the Mark 6 absolutely dominated: more tonal colour, better soundstage, deeper but better-controlled bass - a solid upgrade.

True, if what you want from your records is the warm, fluffy roseate glow of grandad's radiogram it probably isn't the right phono stage for you - but if you'd like to free the performances trapped within your vinyl as the musicians intended, if you enjoy that "performers-in-the-room" palpable reality with believable tonality, dynamic impact, micro-detailing, without lapsing into the analytical, then beg, borrow or steal the cash, because the only substitutes I've heard cost 3 times as much and look like a boarded-up Portakabin by comparison...

It's *really* good - and one just like it can be yours for just £3000 including free installation or P&P to anywhere in the mainland UK.

Please drop us a line or call us on  01 775 710 325  to book a demo or find out more.



We're an independent hifi retailer offering the very best in high performance audio equipment which unites the best of home and professional audio.

Join us and take a step beyond the solitary-confinement of personal stereo into the wide and wonderful world of high fidelity music replay.
Enjoy the scale, the excitement and the visceral thrill of live music in your own home.
If all your musical listening is via earphones or car stereo, then to hear your beloved music in this way will be to fall in love all over again.

Our brands include:   Wychwood Audionics mains power treatments, Heco Direkt loudspeakers, Acoustic Energy loudspeakers, Ortofon phono cartridges, Pro-ject turntables and accessories, Lehmann Audio phono stages, Vinyl Passion turntable accessories, Puresound valve amplification, SuperSpikes equipment support, Supra cables, Van Damme cabling, Box-Design compact audio electronics, and Glorious record and CD storage.

We offer an extensive range supported by years of experience and provide excellent demonstration facilities as well as online sales.

We can tailor systems to any room and any budget - every customer is treated with the same consideration.

You work hard and you deserve the best.   Fortunately advice is free, and we are here to help:

Please drop us a line or call us on  01 775 710 325  to discuss all your audio needs!   Very best wishes,  Paul & Samantha

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In 2014 our trading name became Evolution Audio - it's just a change of name, all else remains the same.

Warranties etc will be honoured.   The registered business name remains Purite North Ltd.

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