AcoustiFeet are the most cost-effective vibration suppression on the market.

These soft silicone feet stick to the base of amps, disc-players, DACs, turntables, speakers, subwoofers, TVs, computers etc.

They work by decoupling equipment from supporting surfaces, preventing transmission of vibrational noise and interference.

They eliminate annoying vibration from fans, disc-drives, platters, speakers etc, and help components operate at their optimum.

Vibration can blur imaging and muddy the clarity and tonality of standmount or bookshelf loudspeakers.

Vibration can also induce microphonic distortion in many types of vacuum tube and capacitor.

Fitting AcoustiFeet reduces vibration noise and microphonic distortion - improving performance and eliminating background noise.

Acoustifeet come in two hardnesses suitable for most equipment, and cost just £5 per pack of four:

Optimum weight up to 14kg - AcoustiFeet Soft
Optimum weight up to 30kg - AcoustiFeet Firm
Optimum weight over 30Kg - add extra Firm AcoustiFeet - 1 per 7.5Kg

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► Over 30Kg use more than 1 set

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Acousti Products anti-vibration silicone washers

Acousti Products anti-vibration silicone washers

These 10mm soft, compliant washers are ideal to improve the isolation and damping of a myriad of components within hifi equipment.

Items such as CD drives, cooling fans, circuit boards, transformers etc can be easily and cheaply decoupled using these.

Ideal for DIY scratch-builds and aftermarket upgrades - their potential uses are countless!

Acousti Products AcoustiFeet

Acousti Products AcoustiFeet


Washer thickness: 2.0mm ±2%
Outer diameter: 10.0mm ±2%
Inner hole diameter: 2.5mm ±2%
Weight each: 0.1745g
Material: Soft silicone dampening polymer
Hardness: Shore A40
Toxicity: Non-toxic
REACH/RoHS environmental compliance: Yes
Flame retardancy: UL94-V0
Electrical dielectric strength: 23 kV/mm
Volume resistivity: 6x10^7 Mohm.m
Normal Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +70°C

Acousti Products anti-vibration silicone washers cost just £1.00 for a pack of 8 (plus P&P pro rata)

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