SuperSpikes are the most practical and cost-effective audio support spikes on the market.   Unlike traditional spikes they integrate spike and protective cup in one stable assembly, meaning they couple perfectly to any surface without damaging it.   Equipment is easy to move and spikes stay sharp for a lifetime.
Plus each spike can support 700Kg!

SuperSpikes' improved coupling drains resonances from equipment - improving image focus in loudspeakers and reducing microphony in valve amps, disc players and turntables.   SuperSpikes' are supplied with felt protective pads and are stable on uneven or carpeted surfaces.
SuperSpikes UK
SuperSpikes are easy to use - replacing existing spikes or feet.       Self-adhesive versions are available too!   They cost a fraction of the price of expensive "audiophile jewellery" yet work as well or better, and last a lifetime.

    SuperSpike in cross-section:
Soundcare SuperSpikes
  1. ABS outer shell
  2. Case-hardened steel spike
  3. Resonance-damping zinc housing
  4. Resonance-damping zinc base
  5. Mild steel spike base

N.B:  We are UK SuperSpike Distributors & can supply any quantities at competitive prices.   Please email us for a quote

Please note: we do not export outside of the UK


• Threaded SuperSpikes   suit loudspeakers, stands, racks, platforms and large heavy electronics   ► ► ►

• Self-adhesive SuperSpikes   replace the cheap rubber feet fitted to most amplifiers, sources, DACs, turntables, etc   ► ► ►